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This message has gone viral over social media, however it is not a message sent by Big Bazaar. Stay away from this scam.

Hey ! Big Bazaar is giving FREE INR5000 shopping voucher to celebrate it's 17th anniversary, Go here to get yours :  Enjoy and thanks me later!.

The above message is being forwarded on social media a lot of times. This is to make you aware that it is a spam message and you should not click or forward it. 

So what is this? 

Attackers usually use these methods to trick people. They create a website that looks like the original site (in this case it's Bigbazaar) and they name it slightly different such that we think it is the original site.

In this case the letter i in bigbazaar in the link is not actually an i but looks like an i. So the website is not actually big bazaar's website, but a fake one created by the attacker. This style of attaching is called 'phishing'.

On this site, I changed it to i as I dont want to link to the attackers site. However, you can check on your mobile phone - compare the i in the hyperlink to the i in the word Big Bazaar in the same message.

Another way to check is to search the word 'big' while the big in the word 'Big Bazaar' will be found, the word 'big' in the hyperlink will not be found.

What does this do? 

As you click on the link, you are taken to the attackers site that looks exactly like a big bazaar site. It asks you a few basic questions like a poll, and then tells you to share the site over whatsapp. Once you do, you are able to click on claim voucher, which again takes you to more and more attacker sites. You end up on completely different website. 

What if I try? What have I too lose?

This is a little tough to answer. We have no idea why the attacker has written this site, until an investigation is done and found out. 

Some attackers just write these to get more visitors to their site. Some others do it to earn from advertisements. These are safer options where you might not lose anything .

However, some sites collect your data from browser cookies stored in your phone. Imagine your data being gone to attackers. While they may not be able to access your memory card, they can definitely take data like your phone number, email address, name, and in worst case, your credit card number. 

It's just safe you stay away from this. 

Do share this message across, especially to those who have forwarded you this message. Beware of such scams coz you do not know what they may do.


The Big Bazaar Logo with a question mark in the title is used for representation purposes only. Big Bazaar owns its logo and there are no intentions to modify or use it herein.

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