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Here's a very addictive reflex action based game. Simple, yet difficult, definitely worth trying.

We reviewed the Reflex Android game available on Google Play. While this game is preety small and simple, this is also very addictive. The initial levels are easy, but as you go up the levels and worlds, that is when things go crazy.


Reflex Features

Reflex offers you features of usual gameplay challenge with multiple boards and levels and leaderboards.

The challenge has 3 boards, each having an additional feature over the previous one. It is explained in the gameplay section in detail.

The leaderboards have 2 gameplay options. The leaderboards are relatively slower than the advanced levels, may be for an intention of having a higher score. You need to sign in to view the leaderboards, although you can play without that. You can compare your high score with all the users who have used leaderboards by signing in.


Game Play

Reflex Game Play

Reflex offers you with three boards. The first one is where you see a green light and you need to hit it to score. As soon as you hit, the light changes position. You keep hitting it to score as much as you can. The max you can do in a pre defined time limit is your score. You collect stars by playing levels which you can use to continue playing a level for additional time even after time up.

In the second board, the green light changes position every regular intervals of time. While initially it is slow enough, the later levels have the light moving too fast to catch up. The more levels you play, the more interesting this becomes.

The third board has another red button that gives you negative points. Both the green and red buttons move making the entire game a complex thing to play, altough being extremely simple.


It takes some time till you reach the interesting levels, however it is worth a try. The User Interface is very simple and may have been better. However, the gameplay in the later levels are a plus. The leaderboard options are also something worth checking out. However, if you have not logged in, there is no way to track your leaderboard score. So it is worthwhile to try it out by logging in.

Do check it out on google play.

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