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Did you know you could do these things with amazon?

We are not new to online shopping. We have used it quite often, be it Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, or any other shopping site. Our usual process is to search for whatever we need and buy it. However, have you considered this things that you can do, that not only are different of a kind, but also saves you money.

1. Subscribe for food items on Amazon

You already are aware that various food items are available on Amazon. You must have even bought from those. Have you every considered subscribing to them?

Why? Because it would save you money. A subscribed item costs you 5% to 20% lower than buying it standalone. That would mean a good amount of savings per month for you. And as you know, food items are the ones you need every month.

Along with foods, you can also buy other items like juices, detergents, soaps, etc.

Most of the times Amazon would also provide you free delivery on subscribed items even if the individual item is not free to deliver.

So what are you waiting for?

2. Gift someone

Have you considered Amazon Gift cards as an option? You do not save money here, but you have nothing to lose.

Amazon has this wonderful option of giving a gift card. You can pay and buy any amount of gift card and gift it to your friend (or anyone). Your friend can then use the gift card, and the amount goes straight in his amazon account. He can use it to buy anything from Amazon. If he buys of a price lower than the card, the remaining balance is available for next purchase. If greater than the gift amount, he only has to pay the additional cost.

The biggest advantage of this is that you need not choose what to buy. Your friend is able to get himself whatever he wishes to. So this way, we are not wasting money on gifts that your friend would probably never use.

However, since this is an amount, your friend knows what amount you have gifted him. So if that is ok for you, just go ahead. Just go to amazon site and search in categories 'Gift Card'

You also have an option to choose from numerous other gift cards. Explore the store to find out...

3. Charity

You read that right. Did you know you can use Amazon for charity? Amazon has this 'Gift a Smile' section that you can go to. You can buy things for various NGOs. You can try it out here.

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