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About Me

A Software Engineer by profession and a traveller, photographer, writer, by passion, here's Johnson Carneiro for you bringing you the best reading experience I can to keep you occupied in your leisure time.

I will be sharing a lot of information with you, including but not limited to my life and experiences, especially in the areas that I have learnt a lot, that I feel you should know. I feel life is about sharing information and benefiting each other while living in harmony.

I also accept guest blogs for no costs. Just send me across an email with your written blog and I will post it here with your name. You may add link to your original blog in the same. Just write to me on myblog@joreads.com and I will take care of the rest.

Note that guest blogs are subject to approval and it may take a few days until I personally review and post your blog. In case your blog is not approved, I will let you know what can be improved or why I am not posting it. I will never use it as my own, so don't worry. :)

Finally, I would like to hear from you. So don't hesitate to send me your feedback on the feedback email feedback@joreads.com. I promise I will reply to every email, at least until I run out of time to do so. But it seems that day is not very near.

Love you all. Happy reading


For anything else, you can always contact me on my personal email address



I stay in Mumbai, India. I do not wish to give you my home address, however I will definately keep posting in advance when I travel, and the trips I do. If you wish to join me, you are most welcome to share the experience. Detailed information will be posted for each trip separately.